Michael Harris is most known as the CEO of Best Sport Consulting touted for marketing the start of FUBU and And1 merchandise companies as well as marketing the careers for professional athletes such as NBA’s Kobe Bryant and NFL’s Marques Colston. Harris’ inspirational life story with humble beginnings is a true example of someone living the American Dream. His positive outlook on life and personal faith are attributes to his past and continuing successes.

Born in Philadelphia, PA as the youngest son in a family of 4 children, Michael Harris first overcame the death of his father at a young age. His mother remarried in effort to find stability for her family and continue her children’s important education. Despite soon finding his alcoholic stepfather to be physically abusive to all members in his family, Michael never missed one day of school throughout elementary and junior high. The abuse of his stepfather took its toll on Michael causing him to rebel against the law. At the age of 15, Harris left home and shortly after found himself sentenced to the Youth Development Center in Newcastle, PA – Juvenile Institution. After earning his General Equivalency Diploma (GED) through the Youth Development Center, Harris graduated a Deans List student from Camden County College.

His basketball talent permitted him to receive Division 1 scholarship at the University of Maryland (ES). A feature film has been developed about his high school basketball experience in Frew Mill titled All the Way Down.

His educational emphasis at the University of Maryland was in Art Education and Sociology. It was here Harris learned the power of surrounding himself with positive people. In addition to a successful basketball career at UMES, Harris was also known as an established artist.

Harris’ consulting and management company, Best Sports Consultants, was officially established in 1998. BEST has helped develop the career of over 50 professional athletes notably Kobe Bryant, Theo Ratliff, Marques Colston, and Ray Lewis. Harris’ connection with professional athletes has parlayed nicely into establishing billion dollar companies such as FUBU and And1 through product placement and marketing.

Currently living in the Philadelphia area, Harris is the proud husband and father of 4 children.

Michael Harris the Author

Michael Harris the Author

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"Become known as a powerful resource to others. People should come to you for answers, suggestions and ideas." -Michael Harris


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